Cat in a Box



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4 responses to “Cat in a Box

  1. Boy, that cat sure does get around. I checked under the “Cat in a” tag and with the exception of that flower pot-sitting cat, they are all this crazy cat in a variety of venues. Wow. Next thing, you’re going to tell me that the cat can talk!

    • Nada

      I remember the first time I hear him talk. He said, “Hello” so clearly he sounded like a native English speaker.

      I said to you, “Your cat just spoke English. He said ‘Hello.’ Did you hear him?”

      Your reply was, “He talks all the time.”

      And now, I hear him say all sorts of words. We really should put it on YouTube. I think his “Hello” is best but he is only apt to say that if you are a new person visiting in his domain. I liked it the day he said, “cat food.”

  2. The cat has been in the box so long, it was shipped to New York and back before it woke up.

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