Let sleeping dogs lie

on their binkies in our bed because she is a bazillion years old, and will only eat chicken, dark meat, and pasta now.

So I asked the hardwood floor guy if he was okay with the Little Dog when he came to repair the floor.

“Does she bite?” he asked.

“She only has a couple of teeth,” I replied, so she may bite but the chance of one of her teeth catching your skin is slim and none.

Little Dog Rules (and we obey). We are helpless saps against her will. She says, “Drive me to the strip mall. I need to stare at my reflection in the black glass at Ross’s storefront.” We speed her right there.



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8 responses to “Let sleeping dogs lie

  1. AZ

    My Little Dog used to sleep on her back with her head on my pillow and her front paws folded neatly over the covers; she looked like an angel when she slept, but if you happened to wake her she’d growl and snap, little dogs they are testy when disturbed from a deep slumber. I was amazed, as was her vet, that my Little Dog had all but one her teeth at age 23, and the one she lost was a tiny little front tooth that did not hinder her nipping ability one silly iota.

  2. May the little dog live a long and fruitful life.

  3. Little dog has great taste in bed clothes. No wonder she’s smiling.

  4. Connie

    What a precious picture!

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