Hello Kitty

My cousin, Weezer, has become my blog’s official photographer now. She’s taken the last 3 pictures, and this one is her cat, Asia. The Adorable Asia.

Totally switching subjects…
It was 93 degrees here Sunday. 93 DEGREES!!!! So, we did what everyone else was doing – went to the beach. We thought we would do what everyone was doing once we got to the beach – frolic in the ocean.

Here is a bit of news:
You CANNOT frolic in the Pacific Ocean without a wet suit. Those people you see frolicking are devoid of nerve endings. The water is frigid, even if the air temp is 93 DEGREES. The water was so cold my shins ached. Did I get out? No. Because I didn’t want the 7 year old standing next to me to think he had the upper hand. I waited until I could not feel my feet, then I ran for the beach like the big baby I was. I passed the 7 year old’s, 5 year old brother in the shallower waters.



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8 responses to “Hello Kitty

  1. Kids are tough and make us look like kids, younger ones (grin).

  2. AZ

    93° whatcha trying to do make Phoenix, Arizona, look bad! I’m still waiting for the temps to drop to no avail, but the early mornings have been cooler so I open all the windows and doors — our electric bill actually went down $100 already! WOO HOO!

    Incredibly cute kitty, I love calico kitties.

    • Nada

      WOW!!! I can only wish for $100 drop in our electric bill. We are currently looking for firewood. That 93 degree day lasted just that – one day.

  3. Connie

    I love the kitty picture too! We’ve finally cooled off…so much so that I turned on the heat to take the chill out this morning. Now we’re watching the latest hurricane … hoping it doesn’t come this way! The gulf is beginning to cool off…it got up to the mid 80’s this summer.

    • Nada

      Dang. I sure hope the hurricane doesn’t come your way.

      Well, that 93 degrees was for one day only. The heat cut on 3 times this morning before I turned it off completely. I put on a jacket and wrapped the little dog in one of her many binkies.

  4. That’s a very cute kitty — although I am shocked that someone else has stolen the title of photographer from me. I’m just saying…

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