One Paw Over the Line

Here are some quotes from my next door neighbor after we complained about her dogs barking 2 hours non-stop under our bedroom window.

“Why do you have to be such an asshole?”

“You are the worst neighbors I have ever had.”

“I have lived in this neighborhood for 26 years and no one has ever complained.”

“You reported our boat to the city.”

“Now, I’ve come over to your house. How do you like that?”

“I just got home, and your husband came over and harassed me.”

“Stay away from me.”

Yeah. Pleasantries. Can’t wait until Halloween. I’m gonna tell all the kiddies to watch out for the witch next door.



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17 responses to “One Paw Over the Line

  1. Do you think they will give out goodies to the kids that stop by? Not a very nice neighbor.

  2. Nada

    i think she might give the kiddies some dog poo. It would be about her speed.

    • That reminds me of an old trick. Put some dog poo in a bag, set it on the porch and light it. When they come out they stomp on the bag to put the fire out and you know what they get all over their shoe.

  3. AZ

    Don’t you just hate asshole neighbors! We had one when I was married to Southern Boy, he kept coming over complaining that my dog was crapping in his yard. I would never let my dog crap in someone’s yard, and I always cleaned up after my dog because I don’t think dog poo is an attractive yard ornament. Well, back to the A-hole, he came banging on our door one day screaming that he was going to kill us and my dog if we didn’t keep Little Dog out of his yard, my husband walked over to his yard and there was a pile of poo about half the size of my entire dog. She weighed 6 lbs. and the pile of poo was a good 3 lb. pile. Southern boy looked at the A-hole and said: “You think my dog made that pile? Little Dog couldn’t make that pile in a month!” We called the police and told them about the death threat; they told us to call when he killed someone. Typical! He moved out shortly thereafter, I hope he died. What a jerkwad.

    • Nada

      Good Lord. What a moron. Little Dog would have had to poo herself inside out and be nothing but a dishrag. Glad you left him behind. What an idiot.

      All this mess, does make me miss my Oakland neighbors. We had our trials but none of them every behaved so badly.

  4. Your blog title left me with an earworm. One toke over the line. Don’t know if you know it. Check our Lawrence Welk and One toke over the line. Kind of funny that he had them singing that song on his show. My parents loved Mr. Welk, I hated the show.

    • Nada

      I loved One Toke Over the Line…at the time. It can easily become an earworm. I have to tell you that Lawrence Welk version is hilarious – Dale and Gale. LOL!!!!

  5. What a handsome paw! Wow. I can tell from his paw that the dog is both good looking and super smart.

  6. Connie

    We have a hateful neighbor too. She apparently hates our dogs and they do not care for her at all. We have named her catwoman. She meows at the moon….she is a bit on the scary side. Well dogs will bark occasionally and when ours do, we always either get them to stop or inside they come. Well one day this summer apparently I didn’t get to the dogs quick enough and catwoman started screaming at the top of her lungs…..”make them shut up I can’t take this….” ! She was screaming louder than the dogs were barking. So for the next week I decided that maybe if played the most redneck country music I could find and play it loud, with the speaker facing her house, maybe she wouldn’t be able to hear the dogs if they barked at a squirrel or birds…….so far catwoman has not screamed anymore! Rude ass people…umph! Good luck with your neighbor.

    • Nada

      Dogs do bark some. Your neighbor is a solid nutjob.

      The dog next door to us barked for 2 hours straight – non-stop. I felt sorry for the little guy but he is driving me out of my bird. If they would ever walk their dogs next door, the poor dears wouldn’t be so neurotic, but they are using them for breeding. Another thing I can’t stand.

  7. Love the pic and the caption.

    Lawrence Welk and One Toke Over the Line? Bwaaaahahahah. You gotta be kiddin’. I might actually have to look that one up.

    As for the neighbor…argh. I was always blessed with the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for until I moved to “Memphis.” Then I got people who let their dogs bark constantly, hour after hour, and those who neglected their pets so badly that I tried to get them rescued, and of course, those who kidnap other people’s pets and does God-only-knows-what with them, and the plant poisoners…the list just goes on. I wish I had never back here. HUGE mistake.

  8. Nada

    I went back to the South once, and rediscovered why I had left there. The saying you can never go home is so true. I learned a lesson from that. If I leave a place now, I leave it.

  9. Speaking of dog breeders, I learned today that not ONLY do French bulldogs have to be delivered by C-section, and artificially inseminated because they can’t breed, the mothers often DIE after giving birth. How evil and disgusting is that?!!!!!! What is wrong with people?

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