Procrastinator, etc.

I have 3 weeks of fiction writing class left and can’t manage to finish my last short story. I have about a third of it done, but it’s one of those complicated deals – okay maybe not as complicated as I’m making it. And honestly, I’m not a third done either.

We had one trick or treater last night and I gave her a butt load of candy. Her teeth will rot out before the end of the month based on my contribution alone.

I have my annual physical today. I have a note stuck in my wallet of the things I want to talk to my GP about. It reads:
1) Cough
2) Liver spots
3) Fat
In that order. I sound like a charming person – fat with a cough and liver spots.

“Hey. Have you seen Vistadenada?”

“Who is that?”

“That fat old person with a cough and liver spots.”

Of course, that identifies 83% of Pacifica.



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6 responses to “Procrastinator, etc.

  1. “Of course, that identifies 83% of Pacifica.” That gave me a good chuckle.

  2. AZ

    I turned over a new leaf, I’ve decided “fat” is out and “lean” is in. Don’t get me wrong I’m still fat, but now I’m leaning against stuff so I don’t fall over. As for liver spots, one of the benefits of being Mexican is that they blend nicely with the natural tan. I’m working on a cough, it appears during dust storms, but isn’t persistent – maybe I’ll try for phlegm.

  3. My doctor list is much longer. I hate getting old. Now if I could look like AZ, it wouldn’t be so bad. But I would have had to start out that way to begin with. Oops. Too late.

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