Prickly Pear

I cut the prickly pear at the house today with a saw. And yes, I got stuck. Again. I don’t know how. I’m careful, but not careful enough – obviously.

In other news in the middle of the weird zone:
I mailed some warm up pants to my niece in Georgia with $80 zipped in the pocket of the pants. She texted me to let me know about my loss and her windfall. On first thought, you would think that was some senile thing I had done with my own money. Not quite. I had bought the pants for about $10 on the clearance rack. No, I do not check the pockets of stuff I buy.

I bought the pants to jog the trail between here and Rockaway. These pants were robin egg blue, which is not black. I love black, but for $10 I thought I could overcome these pants’ deficit. After 5 months of hanging in my closet, I realized I couldn’t wear that color (unless hell froze over) and mailed them to my niece. There in the left pants pocket was a roll of $20 bills, equaling $80.

And yes, this week, I am going back to that store and check the pockets of everything on their clearance rack.



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14 responses to “Prickly Pear

  1. Sorry about you getting stuck. I bet yhour niece wondered why you sent her $80 and you wondered what she was talking about. Great story.

    • Nada

      I did wonder what she was talking about. Actually, I thought she was teasing me because I’m such a tightwad. Then, I thought her husband just put the money in the pant’s pocket as a surprise. It was all pretty funny.

    • Pant Niece

      I did panic a bit actually. I thought she had put money in the pants, forgot about it and then shipped them merrily to Georgia.

      • Nada

        I certainly will be checking pants pockets from now on. Though I rummaged around in a bunch of clothes at Ross today, I found nothing. Perhaps this is a one time deal. I kind of wish I could find some more $$$ though…or at least ship you some more.

  2. AZ

    My Almost Sister-in-Law was leaving town and she decided she’d hide three diamond rings in the pocket of a coat, she figured no burglar is going to go through all the pockets of her huge closet, and the rings would be safe there. I don’t know how much time lapsed, but the rings basically were forgotten in the coat pocket for a long time. Then one day she was hit by the organization bug, and she decided she needed to neaten up her closet, so AS-in-L, being the neat freak that she is, gathered up a bunch of stuff for a carport sale, as always her carport sale was a success and she made a bunch of money selling clothes that she wasn’t ever going to wear again. It was about a day later that she realized she sold the coat with the diamond rings still in the pocket.

    Sorry you got attacked by the prickly pear.

    • Nada

      HOLY CRAP. That is so crazy. I would have freaked out a bit. I never hid stuff for that reason. Too easy to forget. Were the rings family heirlooms? That would be doubly gruesome.

  3. You are not a tightwad, by the way. Far from it. I can think of at least one co-dependent Podengo who has benefited from your largesse. You are his Sugar Mama and he’s got the furry pimp coat to prove it.

    • Nada

      I do love that little pimp coat I bought the podengo. I wish we could have found that skull and crossbones one in his size today.

  4. You’re a good aunt!

    I always thought pockets of things hanging in the closet were good places to hide things, but apparently it’s so common, I need to find a different place. Sock drawer, maybe?

    Here’s one I probably forgot to tell you. Remember when Catfish was poisoned by the pet food and had to be euthanized? I hadn’t been working and didn’t have all the money the vet was charging to euthanize him and hospitalize Sneezy. I literally had to beg. I had just been hired, but had not started working yet, and I promised him my paychecks until the bill was paid, and I kept that promise. About a year ago, I heard from someone in the vet’s office that I still owed on that bill and that the vet was disgusted and had written it off as noncollectable. Just a few weeks ago, I was looking up some information and went digging through books I had not touched in years. And guess what I found inside one of them? The cancelled check for the last payment to that vet. I wanted to take it over there and shove it…under his nose. Or some place. But I didn’t.

    • Nada

      What a solid asshole that vet is. I would send him a copy of the check with a note saying “PAID IN FULL.” Such a horrible sad situation and this guy sounds like he is a real jerk.

  5. Pant Niece

    It was unbelievable wasn’t it? I had wondered if that story would make the blog.

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