Occupy Cat Bed

In sympathy with the Occupy movements, Mittens occupies his cat bed. Though he is truly entrenched in his occupy movement, his movement differentiates from the rest:
1) He has a leader – himself.
2) He has clearly stated demands – catnip.
3) He is non-violent. He is not trashing Whole Foods. He is not graffitiing. He is “occupying” in his sleep.
4) He baths every day, even though he is in Occupy Cat Bed. He does not let his personal hygiene play second fiddle to his movement.



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14 responses to “Occupy Cat Bed

  1. Yes, but I hear he’s been vandalizing the litterbox…

    • Nada

      So funny. He has an automatic litter box, and one of his favorite tricks is to pee in the mechanism that triggers the clean. So, yes. You are correct he is vandalizing the litter box…

  2. Gene, I heard the same thing.

  3. OK. So the litterbox is being trashed, but to be fair, he regards that as his own property and fair game. Also, a few valuable carpets do feel his wrath and that box over by the fireplace. But mostly, he’s doing the non-violent thing and he’s kicking some ass at it, especially when the heater is turned on full blast.

  4. AZ

    Cat beds were never a success at my house, the cats would rather sleep on the bed with us. Missy slept on my pillow, Bubba slept along side Significant Other, and Sissy slept at the foot of the bed.

    • Nada

      I don’t know how you ever turned over. Seems like the furry family members were occupying most of the bed. Oh no…an Arizona faction – Occupy Most of the Bed.

      Actually this cat rarely sleeps in his bed either. He prefers the dog’s or the human’s.

  5. Our cats sleep in their beds during the day sometimes, but they almost always both join us in our bed at night. Sometimes I get trapped in the “snuggly S” position, with me on my side, one cat in front of my stomach and the other behind my legs. We refer to it as playing Petris — there was a funny Rhymes with Orange cartoon with that a while back.

    • Nada

      I love the “Playing Petris.” When our big dog was alive, the big and little dog slept with us in a king sized bed. My husband and I ended up clinging to small opposite corners of the bed. The big dog died about a year ago and ever since the little dog has opted for more and more space in that same bed. It is the case of the night time expanding 10 pound 18-year old dog. The Little Dog now takes up half the bed. No one will move her either because she’s 18, and she’s asleep.

  6. I can count on one hand the number of times the cat has used his own bed. I only paid $3 for it at Long’s because I had a feeling he would boycott it. That’s why I took the photo. It blew my mind. The dog likes to drag the cat bed around the house when he is pissed at the cat but it’s purely symbolic, since the cat doesn’t use the freaking bed. Someone told me cats like to change up where they sleep because of some instinct to do with predators. Mine is definitely safe from predation in the dryer.

    • Nada

      OMG! This comment made me laugh. You know how I am so co-dependent on your dog. I think everything he does is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. I did not know he was dragging Mitten’s bed around.

  7. My pets have always slept on my bed, even the Great Dane, when he wasn’t hogging the couch. Now, my very best days begin when I wake up and all my kitties are in bed with me. It’s a great feeling.

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