Friggin’ Ants

There’s ants wandering all over my keyboard this morning. MY KEYBOARD <—panicky voice here. What do they want with my keyboard? I can't imagine. Okay. Yes. I ate some cake with my fingers yesterday and then, answered a bunch of email. Still. Stay off my keyboard. It is sacred ground, you stoopid ants.

Yesterday, iTunes notified me I had a $63 credit. I have no idea where it came from. No memory. So, I did check the side effects of the Ativan gob the ER gave me, and memory loss was listed. I have a feeling this happens every time I have to take some Ativan. I have memory loss but I can't remember because I have memory loss. Anyway. That does not stop me from spending the iTunes $63 gift from God via memory loss. I decided I really like songs about robots. I spent hours yesterday listening to songs about robots. I bought 2, and one of them was the song from the Metal Heart video below. I am the world's worst shopper – either online or at the brick and mortar.

Tomorrow I have another appointment at a different retina specialist's office. I tried calling my GP for a referral which is a requirement for my HMO, but I could not get through. The call kept going to the answering service, which is okay too since I am currently mad at my GP and calling him an asshole. Then, I called the specialist directly to beg for an appointment and the lady answering the phone said, "No need for begging. You don't need a referral. You were here in 2009. You are a current patient." What? No I don't remember that either.

Picture has nothing to do with any of the topics. It is from the inside of a car wash, and my cousin sent it to me. The car wash is on drugs. Perhaps Ativan. And tomorrow it will forget it sprayed colored soap on my cousin's car.



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4 responses to “Friggin’ Ants

  1. Vista, you were too quick with those ants. They were going to type you a message, but are not heavy enough for the keys. They need to eat some of that cake, gain some wait, then they can type you a message.

    Good luck with the visit. A return customer.

  2. AZ

    My computer service tech used to say you should turn your keyboard upside down and shake the crap out of it at least once a month. Literally a ton of crap fall out of mine every time; cracker crumbs, cookie crumbs, salt, pepper, dried seaweed (I’m 1/2 Japanese), all manner of detritus collects in my keyboard.

    • Nada

      We think just alike. I have been shaking the fool out of my laptop. Upside down. This keyboard is so tight, nothing is falling out.

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