Apple Tree, et al

Up until a few weeks ago, the apples on our tree in the back yard were inedible. Now, they’re delicious, so I’m like a bad pony standing renegade in the back yard, eating them all the time. I eat one a day, and sometimes three. Chomp, chomp, chomp. The Big Guy also made some applesauce, and then, he made some apple tarts which tasted suspiciously like the applesauce.

As far as growing stuff, we finally grew four tomatoes. It took 8 months. Two of ‘maters were tiny, and two grew big straight into rot. I never understood how that happens. You are waiting patiently on the tomato to turn from green to red, and instead, it turns from green to rot. In Oakland, that’s all we could grow – huge bucketfuls of cherry tomatoes. Mostly tasteless and mostly with the neighbors kindly telling me, “We’re good on tomatoes. Please don’t bring us any more.”

Though tomatoes rot here, lettuce grows like a weed. We have 4 containers, and the stuff we grow is delicious. Yum.



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8 responses to “Apple Tree, et al

  1. The apples look good. You must have a green thumb.

  2. Seriously, the apples no longer taste like ass? How did this happen?

    • Nada

      I have no idea how it happened. When Saundra was here she asked for a few, and I thought I would try them again before giving them to her. They are delicious – but definitely a winter crop like our Meyers lemons.

  3. AZ

    “[T]aste like ass” I can’t stop laughing! Good on you for being able to grow lettuce, and sorry about the maters — maybe you should eat them green, you’re from the south aren’t fried green maters the rage down there?

    • Nada

      Fried green tomatoes are the rage there, and I do like them when I used to order them in the little cafes. Having said that, I have no idea how to make them, and the Big Guy is technically a Yankee so he has never heard of the cuisine. I do know if you do it wrong, you’ll give yourself a horrid stomach ache. I always ate them in the little diners because I didn’t cook much and I was afraid the one time I would trying to make fried green tomatoes, I might turn my stomach inside out.

  4. It’s no joke. Even the raccoons would spit them out after one bite before.

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