What Up, Greece?

The last 3 days I’ve been having an inordinate amount of visitors to this blog…all from Greece. What up, Greece? How are you getting here because my stat counter and wordpress says “No Referring Link” meaning you are coming straight in. And the other thing, why only stay 0 seconds. That’s right 0 – no time. You come from Greece, referred by no one and are staying no time. What the…? Drop a comment, would you?



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6 responses to “What Up, Greece?

  1. Ellie

    Hmm… I think that’s because yesterday, in a famous tv series one actress said that she heard a quote which expresses all her life… and this quote was vista de nada… so when you type it to google the first website is this.. I am not sure, of course, that this is the explanation you’re looking for, but at least it is the reason I came here.. And some of my friends too…

  2. Nada

    Wow. I’m surprised. And thanks, so much for leaving an explanation, Ellie. I would never have thought of that is what had occurred. A TV series? How cool is that. Of course the disappointment is when you actually come here and see what Vista de Nada entails – talking porcupines, sea foam, and cartoons. But – that’s the view of nothing (or everything?).

  3. I hears there was a free shot of Ouzo on this site. Can’t stand the stuff myself. Drank enough of it on trips there, but it’s not my drink.

  4. I wish a famous TV star would say, “My life philosophy is — bakingnotwriting — one word!” Seems unlikely though, doesn’t it? 🙂

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