And Why Not?

I have an old and tiny dog, who’s getting older and tinier every month. She’s very well house broken, and uses the back yard as her bathroom, or outhouse, as it were. I pick up back there twice a week. My routine. My dog duty (or is it doo-ty?)

Anyway, the Big Guy raked the yard yesterday, so I was really searching for success this morning, and not having much. It was a pleasant day, so after a while I was simply meandering around the back yard.

And this is when I heard it – the woman next door yelling at her husband, “AND WHY NOT?” Her doors were closed. She was yelling that loud.

Now, I pride myself on the volume I can achieve when I want to shout something, but I think I may have met my match. And the other thing – I thought she was just angry at us for complaining about her barking dogs. I’d have to say now she’s just angry. Period.

But then again, after I thought about it, I bet “And why not?” is one of the question most asked by wives to their husbands. Just not at that decibel level.



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5 responses to “And Why Not?

  1. AZ

    I don’t recall ever saying “[a]nd why not?” to significant other, I lean more toward “You DID WHAT?”

  2. Nada

    Oh my! I laughed so hard. I have said that a few hundred times.

  3. She must be one angry woman.

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