The Big Guy’s Birthday Cake

Baker: Your little girl is gonna love this cake.
Me: It’s not for my kid.
Baker: Oh?
and then, a pregnant pause where I didn’t want to explain but finally…
Me: It’s for my 61 year old husband.

And I guess the question would be why? Not sure, other than I knew he would laugh when he opened the box, and he did. Loudly.

Then, we pulled the plastic torso out of the cake, and both took a long stare.
The Big Guy: That looks like a boob.
Me: An icing boob.
The Big Guy: A yellow icing boob.

We cut and ate a couple of pieces of the yellow icing boob.
The Big Guy: What’dya do with the woman’s torso.
Me: It’s in the dishwasher top rack.
The Big Guy: Okay, but when it comes out of there I think I’m going to go pound her into the neighbor‘s yard.
Me: Why?
The Big Guy: Just because.
Me: Happy Birthday. Don’t do it when they’re home please.



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9 responses to “The Big Guy’s Birthday Cake

  1. Great cake. Happy Birthday, Big Guy.

  2. BigGuy

    thank you. Eating boob cake, fireplace warming the room, watching old episodes of some Netflix streaming PawnStars with the Little Dog and wifey…a very nice birthday indeed.

  3. AZ

    Snicker, snicker, Big Guy said “boob.” Have a great one you young whipper snapper!

  4. Pant neice

    Lol!! Happy Birthday!!

    • Nada

      Thanks Pant Niece. Sadly, you may be getting the latest pair of boots. They hurt my feet. What the…? I don’t know what to do with my tootsies.

      • Pant neice

        You have picky feet.
        I love the necklace!!!! Wearing it a lot!! Thanks so much!! Tell The Big Guy thanks too.

      • Nada

        Glad you like the necklace. I really loved it when I saw it.

        I’m trying to adjust to the boots. They are so warm.

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