Cute Overload



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6 responses to “Cute Overload

  1. He sleep just like me. I almost bite my tongue off a couple of times. You must be feeling better.

    • Nada

      I can’t decide if I’m better or not. I’m trying to ignore the cough and stopped up nose right now. I’m eating cough drops like they are M&Ms.

  2. How did an abandoned polar bear baby get to Denmark? Somebody took a serious wrong turn on an ice floe! He’s so cute, even the little noises he makes are cute.

  3. AZ

    Oh my, you caught a cold from Steve, and now you’ve passed it on to me. Cute little Polar Bear, to bad it will grow up and look upon his caretakers as food.

    • Nada

      Sorry to hear about the cold. Mine is hanging on in the form of a cough and sore throat. Hope you are better soon.

      Funny, I was thinking the same thing. Human snacks.

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