I meant to post this at the end of last year, butt it’s too late. That’s me on the left, all graceful like, trying to ignite some fireworks I bought in Chinatown. I could stop a truck with that rear end. God help me if it really looks like that…or I suppose it really does look like that since it is in the picture.

After the fireworks display, we attempted to drive over to the grocery but were momentarily stopped by a stray dog needing assistance that smelled like rotted blue cheese. He was really friendly. Translation: We all hugged on him before we realized his odor was contagious. P.U. Ack. I had to hang my hand out the window of the car because the dog’s stench had jumped on it. Then, a seagull shit on my hand. I think. Something watery hit it, and I heard a seagull laughing.

So the first 15 minutes in the grocery were usurped by scrubbing up in their bathroom and then, eating everything on the free food tasting cart.



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7 responses to “Butt…

  1. It’s just the camera. Things are look a little larger with a flash at night.

  2. Steve — My thoughts exactly! That is a trick of the flash. I love this photo though — inaccurate though it is.

  3. AZ

    Okay, I’ll let you in on our family tradition (started by my sister, if I recall correctly), when we see someone bent over like that we say “WHOA MAMA” real loud. After a couple of times people look around to make sure we’re not in the room before they bend over. 🙂

    Another thing your photo brought to mind, was my Mom saying “I’m gonna sue the highway department for building highways so close to my ass.” She was 4 ft. 11 inches. I now you’re taller than that, but with Big Guy right next to you your ass looks mighty close to the ground. 🙂

  4. Nada

    I like your Mom’s saying. I think I will adopt it. I’m only 5′ 3″ and I think I’ll sue the highway department for building highways so close to my ass.

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