I’m in the money…

Only if sand dollars count. I found 3 on Tuesday. THREE!!! I found something really weird besides the sand dollars on Tuesday. It’s that rusted metal thing hiding behind the flower pot. I imagine it’s a lock off an old pirate chest. Arrrr Matie. I want to send it to an archeologist for carbon dating, but I ain’t go no money for that tom foolery, unless he accepts sand dollars. Then, I can pay him.

This photo is from today. We’ve had some gorgeous weather, rather than the usual rain this time of year. I’m spending most of my time on the trails and beach, looking for stuff – sand dollars, beach glass. Building parts, like concrete aggregate and chunks of bricks and cement, are washing up. I’m wondering if it’s from Japan. I think some folks said debris should be hitting the west coast soon. I saw a lot of it on Wednesday, but nothing today. Every day is different on the beach. You’ll find something every day, but never the same thing two days in a row. One day – jellyfish, the next day – sand dollars. The day after that – parts of buildings. One day I found starfish. They weren’t dead either. I kept pitching them back in the ocean, arms a waving, like Miss America.



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4 responses to “I’m in the money…

  1. I envy you. Nice weather and a nice beach to explore. Hope you find that treasure.

  2. AZ

    I remember back in the 70s going to Rocky Point and finding hundreds of sand dollars, I bet it isn’t like that now.

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