My Little Man

The new year brings the same as the old year on this blog – an endless stream of dog photos. Why? Because this little man is one of my itty bitty full steam ahead brown 4-legged cashew favorites. He is melting me with his eyes, while wearing the little fleece I bought for him at Ross Dress for Mess. He is fashionable, yet fierce. Fun loving, yet ready to defend his human at a moment’s notice – particularly against German Shepherds (for some unknown reason). He feels bikes are the earth’s nemesis. He has the neck of a body builder and the face of an innocent. His main cohort is the cat. Sometimes. Until the cat bites him, then it’s every man for himself.



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7 responses to “My Little Man

  1. Thanks! He is truly my heart — the little scamp.

  2. That’s his schmata raccoon under his head on the left. I like how his fur, eyes, and nose are all sort of the same color. And that his new jacket matches him!

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