Planes Have Changed

Now they have Wifi – not that I need Wifi, but I thought it would cool (funny?) to give it a spin while I am flying back to Tennessee. That’s my uber grey mop of hair in the picture. I took a photo with the photobooth app on my Macbook by holding the little laptop up over my head and poking on the track pad to take the picture. I forgot the fool thing set off a flash just like a real camera. No on seemed to mind. Most everyone is watching some movie, starring a tailless dolphin, and Ashley Judd. For a brief second I thought I saw Morgan Freeman, but I may have been daydreaming, but then again Morgan Freeman is in everything. BUt then again, how could he compete with a tailless dolphin.

I also did my share of eavesdropping at the airport. This was the best line I heard from a little woman at the next table: “I finally went to sleep at 5:30 this morning. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I’m in this love triangle.”

I went on eating my seaweed salad, thinking if I was in a love triangle I don’t know that I would at the airport advertising it in the eating area like she was – “I’M IN A LOVE TRIANGLE Y’ALL.” Okay, I just added “y’all” because i’m going back to Tennessee and I need the practice.



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12 responses to “Planes Have Changed

  1. Really funny post! Practice up on your Southern and have a great time in Tennessee!

    P.s- Morgan Freeman is in that movie

    • Nada

      Thanks. I’m practicing my Southern as best I can. (“As best I can” <—Southernism)

      My God – Morgan Freeman will do anything these days.

  2. AZ

    Oh! Oh! Happy travels! Eat some grits! Take pictures! I’ve never been to Tennessee, would be lovely to see some pictures 🙂 !

  3. Hey! Way cool blogging from the air! Your hair looks good. I love the things you overhear in airports. Morgan Freeman is in that tail-less dolphin movie. Good lord.

    • Nada

      I thought my hair looked amazingly good in that photo booth photo too. Wished it looked like that in real life.

      Morgan Freeman is every freaking where.

  4. Wifi in the air, what will they thin of next? Have a great trip and visit. Sorry to hear about your uncle.

  5. Nada

    I saw my uncle yesterday. It was good to see him. He was his usually funny self.

    • AZ

      Good to hear your Uncle is in good spirits — humor is the best medicine.

      • Nada

        My poor uncle was still laughing and telling jokes last night. He is a dear man. Hospice said today for the family to get his affairs in order. So sad. I imagine this is his last couple of weeks joking around us.

  6. Donna Jane

    Just wanted to say Thank You for brightening my Internet time up these past few months. I found your site by accident when it appeared in a listing after I typed in ‘Blood blister on dogs bottom’. Not sure how, but I ended up here and now have it bookmarked to keep up to date with all that’s going on over there.

    And in case you’re wondering, the blood blister turned out to be something that had to be taken out by the vet… The Doodle Dog is ok though.

    Love Donna :o) x

    • Nada

      You are welcome. And thank you for stopping by.

      And yes, I was just going to ask what happened about your dog. I hope she is doing well and recovered nicely. I keep checking the little dog’s bottom and that crazy looking blister of hers is still there. I don’t think there’s much we can do though. She’s 18 and we don’t want to put her under to cut a hole in her hind end to remove whatever that thing is – undoubtedly something left BEHIND by aliens

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