Pacifica in the Wintertime

The photo is unretouched. The Big Guy took it while I was out of town.

Looks like more rain today, though it hasn’t started yet. The Big Guy and I are going to see Spindrift Player’s version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Should be good, though I am a little concerned about their fake Southern accents. Those fake accents can be like nails on a chalkboard. For a prime example, try watching The Closer sometime. The main character is supposed to be from Atlanta, and that accent sounds almost fake on the natives, but Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson’s accent shifts around so much, for me, it’s impossible to watch the show. Get thee to a diction coach, or take some lessons from the cast of Justified. Hire Boyd Crowder as your tutor. He’s not doing much these days since he “got religion.”



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6 responses to “Pacifica in the Wintertime

  1. Fantastic shot. Congrats to the big guy. Well done. Enjoy the play.

  2. Oops. That’s old news on Boyd. He’s back being a bad boy since mid-last season. I don’t watch “Justified” anymore (too violent) but I keep up with it by reading about it. This new season, Boyd is back out of control, taking over operations in the “holler.” Of course Walton Goggins is lucky enough to actually be from the South so his accent is not a problem. Still, there’s no excuse. It’s not a tough accent people!

  3. Jesus and Boyd were uncomfortable bedfellows. Not sure which one broke up first…Can’t wait to see Woody on the blog!!!

    • Nada

      The last episode I saw Boyd still “had religion” but he did drag some yahoo down the street while he was holding his head inside his truck. I think Boyd was breaking up with Jesus at that point.

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