These are my cousin’s dogs. Why? Because you can never have enough dog pictures. The chihuahuas use the lab as their personal heating pad.

We’ve had some serious weather the last couple of days. The rain and wind were so bad that it sent the sand dollars I found dancing across the picnic table outside. It knocked over one of the cactus too, bottoms up when we found it this morning, roots in the air. I’ve been staying in the house, watching the rain blow sideways. I don’t like it. I don’t care how much we need the rain.

I went to a sushi restaurant for dinner tonight, and for the record I think eel has surpassed pork in my culinary desires. I’m trying to curb the habit by imagining an electric eel in the water as I’m eating unagi. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t even slow me down. Eel and eel sauce – whatever that is. It’s delicious. Bring some more. Bring it with cucumber. Bring it with rice. Pass the miso soup.

And this is weird, and I told Bakingnotwriting I was not going to write about this on the blog, but here I am doing it anyway. We went by the harbor master’s office today to ask him a question, and not only does he keep a parakeet there, but he was drunk as cootie brown. I could smell the whiskey on his breath and oozing out his pores. Bakingnotwriting wanted to know who cootie brown was. I don’t know, but I suspect it’s the harbor master.



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6 responses to “Sleepers

  1. That is a nice photo of the dogs. Eel, you can have it. Germans have lots of smoked eel, but it is too greasy for me. Sushi is okay. Was the harbor master working the harbor in Italy recently? Kidding.

    • Nada

      Probably why I like the eel – it’s greasy.

      I did kind of wonder about the harbor master when I smelled him. Maybe that is an affliction of boating – drinking.

  2. Cootie Brown could be anybody’s harbor master. !!! Glad you liked the eel so much. I have heard of eel sauce too — mostly in Victorian novels. Those Chihuahuas look so comfortable. Maybe I should rent a Golden for the Podengo to sleep on while the weather is so bad? You know the Mitten would sleep on a Golden if he could.

  3. AZ

    I Googled: “According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Cooter (Cootie) Brown lived along the Mason-Dixon Line at the start of the Civil War. He had family on both sides. Not wishing to be drafted by the North or the South, he decided to get drunk – and stay drunk – so that he wouldn’t have to fight in the war. Drunkenness has been measured against him ever since!”

    Love the doggie picture!

    • Nada

      Bakingnotwriting and I looked all over the internet for the origin of the saying and didn’t find anything. You are the research queen. I believe this explanation. It is definitely an old Southern saying. The only thing we found that came close to a plausible explanation said Cootie Brown lived in Missouri. He didn’t. I don’t think. I do think he was a real person.

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