Dinky Dog Goings On

Dinky (aka The Little Dog) likes to eat with the front door open so she can stare out into the courtyard. That’s her version of T.V. She takes about 15 minutes to eat a small bowl of food. She eats a bit, and stares a bit, then eats some more, and stares some more. She takes her time, gnawing on her chicken and pasta noodles with her few teeth.

The Little Dog had a good time when Woody came for a visit, but she wanted him to know she was Queen of this domain.

Woody had no idea what she was eluding to. He is an egalitarian.



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10 responses to “Dinky Dog Goings On

  1. We refer to having a window open for our cats as “smell-o-vision”. Though they enjoy looking out them when they’re closed, too, especially if birds are at the bath or feeder.

    • Nada

      Lol! Love that – “smell-o-vision.” They do so love to see what is going on outside. It reminds me of Southerners who love to see on their front porch and watch the traffic on the bypass – what little there is of it.

  2. The little dog is a character. Love him.

    • Nada

      I love him too. I hope he gets a very good home because he is so special. Honestly, I hope the vet just keeps him. She’s fostering him now.

  3. AZ

    Woody hasn’t grasped the notion of “personal space,” he’s crowding Dinky BIG TIME in the last photo. I’m kinda surprised that Dinky doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

    • Nada

      Dinky is quite enamored with Little Woody. She followed him all over the house and after we took him back home, she looked for him. I think she misses Nikki. I think. Hard to say. She definitely liked having Mr. Woody in the house running here and there.

  4. I love your and Dinky’s take on the world. And your rug–I used to have one exactly like it!

    • Nada

      LESIA!!!! So good to hear from you. I have a postcard to you written but it’s still sitting on my desk. I write ’em but mailing ’em takes another week. HA!

  5. welladjustedpet

    love that sinister penguin!

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