Wild turkeys in Berkeley or on the Berkeley border in Albany. They were hot footing it around the sidewalk, and looked like any minute they would dart down the street into some major traffic.

In the “more turkeys” category, the internet at the house has been so screwed up, you would swear we were on a modem. It’s been like this for 3 days, and I have waited for the Comcast turkeys to get their act together. They have not. Finally, the Big Guy called them this evening. We did all manner of plugging and unplugging routers and modems. The internet speed was still so slow, we couldn’t do a speed test. We threw in the towel and hung up on Comcast turkeys. Two hours later, someone must have gotten off their rump at Comcast, and poked the hamsters that run their routers. Suddenly, fast internet returned. If Comcast were an arithmetic equation it would be:
Comcast(Turkey) = Speed –
Just a minus sign because they are lacking.

Finally, in the most turkey category, I kicked MetroPCS to the curb for a couple of reasons.
1) Connectivity
2) Connectivity (Yes, again)
3) My phone, the LG Banter Touch, lost its touch. In other words, you could “touch” it all you wanted to, it was not going to unlock, let you call anyone, or let you answer the phone when it was ringing. It was essentially an electronic gadget to tell you people were trying to call you, but how you were supposed to call them back was anyone’s guess.



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6 responses to “Turkeys

  1. Glad to see you back up. Those turkeys waited until after Thanksgiving to step out.

  2. AZ

    I’m starting to feel a bit left out because my sister’s neighbors have turkeys, and now Berkley has turkeys! I only have quail…

    I’ve not heard very good things about Comcast, but I’ve never used the service so I can’t cast the first stone.

    I don’t have a cel phone, significant other has one, and if I’m going out alone I take his cel phone, but if I had to call someone I’d call SO and say “SAVE ME!”

    • Nada

      I agree. Seems like everyone has turkeys. I haven’t seen any in Pacifica either – though I would like to.

      I fondly call Comcast – Comcast Bastards. I get very tired of them telling me its MY modem or MY router when it is obviously them. I have learned to bounce my modem, and router, call them and then, wait.

      Glad to hear you have a cell phone for emergencies. You never know.

      • AZ

        I laughed out loud at the “Comcast Bastards” comment, I wonder if they have an online review somewhere so that you an voice your displeasure. Of course, you take the chance of being totally disconnected by the “Comcast Bastards.” 🙂

      • Nada

        It would be just like the Comcast Bastards to disconnect me. They do it enough unintentionally. No reason why they wouldn’t do it on purpose for a change.

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