Post Christmas Crap

When people pile their discarded Christmas trees on the street for pickup in Oakland, the juvies set fire to them. It is a merry blaze, that the fire department often does not respond to. I miss seeing that. This picture is from bakingnotwriting’s condo complex. Not one will set fire to the these discarded trees because they are piled up inside a gated community, not on the streets of Oakland. Oakland, I miss thee and thy aberrant ways.



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4 responses to “Post Christmas Crap

  1. AZ

    The boy scouts ran an ad in our local paper saying they would collect Christmas trees dropped off at a designated area and dispose of them in a earth friendly fashion. My tree went back in the box and is sitting in storage laughing at me because if it were anything else I wouldn’t allow it to just sit there and do nothing for the better part of a year.

    • Nada

      The ultimate in recycling – same tree year after year. Honestly, I am opposed to all these trees being chopped down to spend a couple of weeks in someone’s home. People should get fake trees and leave the real ones alone.

  2. Those green trees look warm. We haven’t had a day above freezing in over a week. Lots of sun, but it isn’t warm. The scamps are staying home, can’t blame them. I’m freezing over here.

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