Fat Neck

This photo is really an optical illusion…somehow. Not sure how that works because in real life this little guy (my Godchild) is a lean, mean, fighting machine with a normal neck for a 10 pound dog. This photo reminds me of those guys on the bus who shave their heads because they think it makes them look tough, only the fat on their neck deters the image. And how do you get fat on the back of your neck? Inquiring minds want to know.

I have fat an my ass, Fat Ass, per se, and around my middle. I think that is the standard place to collect McDonald’s french fries.

I am pleased to say I have lost 3 pounds on the new diet, the one recommended by the new nutritionist at my new doctor’s office. I eat all the time on this diet…ALL THE TIME. I don’t know how that works. Eating all the time = Losing weight, whereas when I was trying not to eat before = Gaining weight.

If I could just stop the night eating, I could really lose some big time weight, like hitting the jackpot on a Las Vegas slot, the numbers would be rolling off that scale. But alas, I have tried just about everything to stop the sleep eating other than rolling the refrigerator out into the back yard. Maybe I will try setting a motion sensor at night by the refrigerator, and if it goes off have my iPod blast an ABBA song. That would surely drive me out the kitchen.



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16 responses to “Fat Neck

  1. Looks like he’s wearing a scarf around his neck. An ABBA song would keep me out of the fridge. I read where they were releasing a new one after all these years.

  2. What??!!! I am so offended. Just kidding! i like the idea of him wearing a fat scarf!

    • Nada

      He is the fat scarf…though honestly I have never seen this F.S. in person. I think he would be mad if he knew this photo was posted on the blog.

  3. AZ

    That’s a built in doggy scARF.

  4. AZ

    Is your diet the eat small meals (aka snacks) every couple of hours rather than three substantial meals like normal people? I’ve heard about that diet, but I’ve never tried it, because my snacks (aka small meals) would turn into large meals, and having six or seven large meals just makes my arse humongous. 😮

    • Nada

      I eat all the time on this diet but it’s a controlled feed…so to speak, only food off the list. There are 3 small meals but snack after snack and I can eat veggies any time. Honestly, I did not believe I would lose weight because it is much more food than I normally eat.

  5. AZ

    That’s a RUFFled doggy neck warmer.

  6. AZ

    Or maybe a GRRRReat way to keep one’s collar from falling off.

  7. AZ

    Opps! I meant GRRRRate not “GRRRReat.”

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