Baby Jesus, the rock version

I found this rock on the beach today. I think it looks like a rock version of baby Jesus, except my rock version of the Baby J.C. has a full head of rock hair…and a rock beard. He even has a tiny mouth and eyes.

You can find all kinds of stuff on the beach, or find junk and imagine it to be all kinds of stuff. Anyway, it’s better than seeing the Virgin Mary on your refrigerator door. Or I think it’s better.

I put the Rock Baby Jesus With a Beard in a make-do creche for his photo op. His creche is a little pottery chalice my Mom made when she was a kid. It seemed appropriate since she’s dead, and well…Jesus is dead. And it’s a chalice – water into wine and all that. Not to quote the Bible, but it seemed like the thing to do, and do it from a site called Biblegate. I thought the “Gates” bore a bad connotation, like Watergate and Nannygate (1 and 2). ???

My watch and key are beside the Baby (Rock) Jesus for perspective only. WWBRJD = What would Baby Rock Jesus Do? Ummm, mostly lie in his pottery creche. I think. Maybe try to see what time it is on the giant Timex? In comparison to him, it’s a giant timepiece from the future. And it has its own lockbox key.



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8 responses to “Baby Jesus, the rock version

  1. Allow me to be the first random blogger to like the rock baby bearded Jesus Eskimo!

  2. I bet you could get a big chunck of money if you put it up on Ebay.

    • Nada

      I think selling the Baby Rock Jesus on EBay is a great idea, except I would have to get in bed with the devil – PayPal. I can’t bed down with PayPal.

  3. Pant neice

    Rofl!! Love it!!

  4. AZ

    I don’t think baby Jesus has a beard, when I look at him it appears that the swaddling cloth is folded and encircles his face like a halo, but what do I know — my favorite rock to collect are the ones with a hole in them.

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