More Woody…



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7 responses to “More Woody…

  1. My comment vanished. I had said he is a feisty one. Lots of energy.

  2. AZ

    I love the look on Woody’s face, he’s like all hyped up with puppy enthusiasm. Little Dog has the same look on her face that I get when I watch 4 year olds running, jumping, screaming — I’m like “wish I had that much energy.”

    • Nada

      It is funny to watch the videos and see Dinky’s expression. It’s hard to look at her when Woody is here because all your eye is drawn to is the running dog, and he is running. Makes me laugh. Hopefully, next time we can get a video of him taking laps through the kitchen, dining room, living room, down the hall….and then, all over again,.

  3. welladjustedpet

    Woody loves the Vista De Nada!

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