Don’t go to work – PLEASE!

Stay here with me. We’ll lay on the top of the sofa until noon, and then, we’ll walk across the counter tops. In the afternoon, we’ll eat some kibble and sharpen our claws on a seat cushion. I promise a good time, much more fun than you’re going to have at work.



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6 responses to “Don’t go to work – PLEASE!

  1. Isn’t she pretty? Who does she belong to? She does look very relaxed.

    • Nada

      She is a sweet girl. She belongs to Weezer…(see below).

      She likes to be wrapped up in a little blanket at night like a baby. She’s very attached to her mom.

  2. AZ

    I wonder what it is about the tops of couch cushions that pets find so appealing; every animal I know has flattened a couch cushion by laying on it endlessly.

  3. Weezer

    She belongs to a wonderful sweet lady who loves in that far off place called Tennessee…….this sweet kitty has lived all over….she grew up in Chattnooga….teenage years in Denver and Salt Lake ….finally she got given to a sweet lady in Nashville… you can see she loves life now….

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