Flotsam is coming

Whoa Nellie! Here it comes.

Speaking of which, Bakingnotwriting was visiting me on Sunday. We went for a casual stroll on the beach, and not only did she find an iPhone but she found a heart shaped rock – the one below. I stained it and gave it to the Big Guy for Valentines. He gave me some flowers. Isn’t there some game called, “Rock, Paper, Flowers?” I think rock beats flowers.

Anyway, Bakingnotwriting is waaaaaaaay ahead of me in beach treasure hunting. I’m calling her Bloodhound because of her treasure tracking skills. The Big Guy is just behind her, finding a pair of car keys. I’m in third place with 3 in tact sand dollars on the same day.



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6 responses to “Flotsam is coming

  1. Black beard would be proud of all of ya.

  2. I don’t want to hunt for flotsam from Japan because I’m afraid it’s going to be radioactive, but Vista de N. doesn’t believe in that.

    • Nada

      You’re going to hunt for it, AND you’re going to like it. Get that radiation detector from Dick or Pete, or whatever his name is. I can’t find this stuff like you can. You HAVE to hunt for it, even it if kills you.

  3. AZ

    I think they call it frotsam in Japan. Okay, okay, I’m half Japanese so I can say frotsam :o) ! Don’t people dump bodies in water because the water washes away evidence, maybe the water will wash the radioactive frotsam too. Love the stone heart.

    • Nada

      I laughed but you are right…only you get to say “frotsam” like only I get to make cancer jokes. And I do make them. All the time.

      I think they are expecting some personal body “things” to wash up. I forget the exact word they used. Wonder what I’ll find.

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