Flotsam or Not Some

Leave a comment if you think this is some Japanese flotsam or not some. I tried to pick this pock marked “thing” up and it was extremely oily, absolutely covered.

That is my hoof in the photo for perspective. And yes, if it hadn’t been oily I would have lugged it home, despite the woman screaming at me from her mini van on Sunday that I couldn’t remove rocks from the beach.



Filed under california, crap, flotsam?, Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, tide, tsunami

8 responses to “Flotsam or Not Some

  1. Looks like floatsom to me.

  2. Not sure what that is. Too bad it’s not ambergris. A big piece like that would be worth a small fortune!

  3. AZ

    The rock looks like someone was using it for drilling practice that would explain the oil since they use oil to cool the drill bit. We have lots of boulders that look like that in my hometown because of drilling contests.

    • Nada

      Holy Moly. You WIN this Flotsam or Not Some contest. I have no idea mollusks were drilling holes like that. That is a great site, AZ. Thanks for finding it.

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