Weekend Warriors

And so there they are, the three of them. Yes, three – the Big Guy, the Big Guy’s alter virtual ego on the T.V.’s video game, and the Little Dog, the steadfast canine ready to pounce (not so much) on each and every villain who crops up in the video game, and yet at the same time will run (sort of) from flies who have gotten in the house.

And here are some (in)famous conversations from this weekend about the weekend warrioring:

The Big Guy: I have somehow started decapitating people.
Me: How do you do that accidentally?
The Big Guy: I don’t know. I just kind of pull my sword and their head gets cut off.

The Big Guy: Remember that picture I showed you on the internet of all those decapitated bodies sitting around a table?
Me: I do.
The Big Guy: That’s how he must have done it.
Me: Accidental decapitation?

And so life goes on in Warrior-ville. The Big Guy (and not his alter ego) grilled some boneless skinless chicken thighs for me this weekend because they are on the diet AND they are yummy when grilled outside. The steadfast canine decided she preferred MY grilled boneless skinless thighs to her turkey burger. So I had to swap. (Did I really? Who knows, but the little dear will be 19 in June so I will eat her dog food.) And so for lunch I am eating the Little Dog’s turkey burger and she is eating my grilled chicken. The Weekend Warriors are marauding through town…okay mostly my house, and mostly just playing video games and eating chicken. But, they could be dangerous I suppose. Somewhere. Where flies don’t exist.



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8 responses to “Weekend Warriors

  1. Mary Ann

    Awww, she still has her little blankie.

  2. AZ

    SO doesn’t play video games very often, but when he does he likes military games, SO is a very good sniper and loves to hide and kill unsuspecting enemies. As for Little Dog and her preference for all things “Mom,” I know the feeling; I shared every meal for 23 years with my little dog. Once when I took my little dog to the vet he asked me what she had for dinner the night before and I said steak and ice cream, the vet said “can I come home with you?” Little Dogs they are for spoiling to the MAX.

    • Nada

      That made me laugh out loud. Agreed – little dogs are spoiled to the max. They are more driven than the bigger dogs.

  3. Enjoyed the post. Mycomputer is down. I’m using my friend’s computer. I’ll either get it fixed or buy a new one. Not sure when. Until then.


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