It’s my own d@mn fault

And so the blog has gone silent for awhile because I signed up for a writing class, and it is kicking my rather large behind. The only thing I can offer is this video that I took coming home from writing class. In this direction, Caltrain actually drives in reverse so I can look out the front (which is the back). Does that make sense? No. Okay, let me try again. The engine is at the back of the train and the engineer is pushing the train to South San Francisco from Palo Alto.



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6 responses to “It’s my own d@mn fault

  1. AZ

    I almost left a comment on FB saying “WHERE ARE YOU BLOGGER WOMAN?” But I didn’t because I see you commenting on my FB page so I know you’re alive, so I figured you were busy or feeling under the weather. The video is cool; backwards you say — I seen lots of derailed trains on the news and they are usually traveling forwards, so I’m guessing backwards is safer because I’ve never heard about a backward train derailment. Did that make sense? Oh well, hope the writing class is going well, and Dinky and Big Guy are in good health.

    • Nada

      I’ve never heard about a train derailing backward either, but I suppose they do. Honestly, this train is a scary mofo. I never want to see it derail frontwards or backwards. In fact, it just hit a person last week and killed them – a paypal exec with bipolar II disorder.

  2. worldphotos

    Thanks for the train ride. Just stopped by to say hi, PC still out of service, but I have a lap top when I can find WiFi.

    • Nada

      Glad to hear you have a laptop. For some reason, I thought you had Wifi at your house. Do they have Wifi at the cafes like they do here?

  3. worldphotos

    Not many. I borrow from my neighbor, with his approval (grin.

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