Hairy Chickens

The rain finally stopped today. I pulled weeds in the cactus bed out front today while the ground was still soggy. It’s easier to uproot errant plants after a good rain.

I got beat with a broom handle in writing class last week. Figuratively. I’m not even trying to fix the story. There were so many critiques and so much chaos, I’m considering the story a total loss. Pfft. That’s me spitting on the bad story. Plus, people commented on the amount of smoking in it, as in they didn’t like it. To that I say, I don’t care whether you like it or not, the character smokes – a lot, as in all the time. One person said, “it got on my nerves.” The teacher agreed. Really? Next time I will have everyone smoking, and then smoking the butts they all throw down. Then, the dogs will light up random bits of dog biscuits and try to smoke that.

Moving on. I’m working on another story, but per the usual – someone dies. He’s actually killed. By his child. Someone always dies in my stories…or is killed. Or a dog dies. Its my trademark. I also like to mention the morgue.

AND…on top of everything else, my neurologist, the one I liked or used to like has altered my meds, doubling them, in fact. I think he is determined to stop a few things, like my scintillating scotoma and my seizures. To him I say, “Good luck with that. Better men than you have fought with my brain, and have lost.”

Finally, this picture has nothing to do with anything written here. I have included it because I think you need graphics with blog posts. Always. Whether they are relative or not to the story. In this case, they are not.



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11 responses to “Hairy Chickens

  1. AZ

    AZ sat staring at the computer screen knowing that if she didn’t put words on the screen no one else would. She pushed her chair back and reached for her pack of Benson and Hedges then remembered she quit smoking back in 1997, the pack she imagined was sitting on her desk turned out to be a Toblerone chocolate bar, so she snapped of a hunk and tossed it in her mouth, it was satisfying, but nothing like a good long drag off a cigarette. Maybe I should start smoking again she thought, because she couldn’t recall ever having trouble writing when there was a cigarette dangling from her lips, but then again back in the day a high stress job was all the excuse she needed to fire up one after another until the entire office smelling like a mid-summer brush fire.

    AZ’s new hobby since she quit smoking is bird watching, countless hours spent peering out her kitchen window, camera in hand, waiting for an elusive winged creature to perch upon the birdbath, so that its image could be captured and studied a length. Every now and again a common pigeon would find its way to AZ’s yard, those are the times AZ wishes she had a scatter gun because pigeons are not a thing of beauty, they are just poop machines, and the only good poop machine is a dead poop machine. A dead poop machine and a cigarette is all AZ needed then she’d be able to muster up a comment of Vista de Nada’s blog, but it wasn’t going to happen not this late at night. So AZ slipped on her PJs crawled into bed in hopes that her dreams would be filled with cigarettes and shotguns – nirvana as far as she was concerned.

    Put that in your pipe writing class teacher and opinionated classmates, and smoke it!

    • Nada

      OMG!!! LOL!!! This is so ULTRA FINE!!! Wonderful and funny. I wish you were in my writing class. NOW! Get a residence in Palo Alto and come each week. This is the best thing written yet. HA! And you are not even physically present.

  2. worldphotos

    Great story and great reply from AZ. I now hav WiFi at home, but I hate typing on a laptop.

  3. Nada

    Agreed. Great story from AZ. We have a spare Dell USB keyboard. It is slightly used by the Big Guy and currently sitting in a closet. It would probably work with your laptop. I could send it pretty cheap to your APO, if you want it. Let me know.

  4. worldphotos

    Thanks for the offer, but I have an extra keyboard, just to lazy to hook it up. Still working on getting the PC up.

  5. AZ — You are the Hemingway of smoking! The Shakespeare of smoking prose! That is awesome. Also, I didn’t realize the comments were the level of, “annoying.” That’s not feedback. That’s rude.

  6. Pant neice

    Ha ha! Loved the story and the comments!!!!

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