The Neighbor

Here he is – the peeping tom, staring at The Little Dog from the other side of the fence. He’s peeping over from the neighbor’s house, the one with the medical marijuana crop. Word around the hood is people are stealing the neighbor’s dope but after seeing this raccoon, I think it may be a raccoon getting his weed.



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14 responses to “The Neighbor

  1. No WAY! Did you just get that shot? That’s amazing! That’s that big-ass raccoon who gets into your tree. He’s probably high as a kite too! No wonder he’s such a menace. Stoner raccoon. Bad news. He’s got the munchies and he’s on the prowl.

  2. I thought from the title it was going to be a photo of the Noseless Nudist. Imagine my surprise.

  3. worldphotos

    Good catch. The neighbor has a guard raccoon for his stash.

  4. AZ

    Does the masked marauder have a name? Can we call him Doobie?

  5. Big Guy

    heeelarious, AZ. I (Big Guy) had him pointed out to me by the deaf little dog leaping into the air and barking at the fence. In the dark. So I snatched the little dog up and put her in the house for safety and grabbed my nearest camera and took the shot in the dark. He’s a bold rascal. We saw Doobie and her little ones last year too. Needless to say, the garbage can is now strapped down too.

    • Nada

      And I’ve heard Doobie picking at that bungee cord in the middle of the night too.

    • AZ

      Makes you wonder how Little Dog does it, she’s old and one assumes hard of hearing, probably has cataracts, and her sense of smell should be fading, and yet she picks up on Dobbie’s whereabouts WAY before people can. Excellent work Little Dog!

      • Nada

        I can’t figure it out myself. She is able to detect Doobie is out there by sixth sense I suppose, which doesn’t seem to be diminished.

  6. AZ

    Hey Maiz, I think Doobie may be playing the one string wheelie bin for your listening pleasure!

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