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Bakingnotwriting’s crew. She has her dog, who is sleeping and a loaner dog, who is hamming it up for the photo. I think her cat is in the dryer. That’s where he normally sleeps unless he’s in the loaner dog’s bed.

You are forewarned. Leave now or read it.

Latest Prescription Debacle
1) My neurologist’s office manager says I don’t need an auth from my insurance. BUT. I do.
2) My neurologist’s office manager says they will do the auth last week. BUT. They don’t.
3) The pharmacy knows what drug and in what quantities I have a prescription for. They are waiting on the auth. I finally get the auth today. BUT. They don’t have the pills in stock. Never mind I have been calling them and stopping by since last Thursday, ASKING THE PEOPLE about my prescription. ORDER THE DAMN DRUGS when you get my prescription. The auth will come. I swear.
4) Now I am taking half doses because I only have a two pills left. Yup. These are anti-seizure drugs.

AND. NO ONE calls me to tell me they are not doing their job. They simply don’t do it. SO I have to call these people and ask. Do you need an auth? Are you getting the auth? Are you filling the drug? Why not?

DAMMIT PEOPLE. Get your shit together because if you are depending on me to have my shit together to get your shit together…that is just shit.



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10 responses to “Podengo World

  1. worldphotos

    What a hell of a merry-go-round. They need to get their shit together.

    • Nada

      Okay – that made me laugh. I wish they would but theirs is less together than mine. If you can imagine. Which I cannot.

  2. Gah! It’s not like you’re ordering room decor where a wait isn’t a big deal. Do they forget these are extremely important drugs, and waiting for them is not like waiting for a new throw pillow?

  3. Nada

    I’m going to steal that line from you Gene, next time I talk to any of these medical “professionals.” I’m going to say, “This isn’t like room decor. I’m not ordering a throw pillow.” I spent 45 minutes at the drug store yesterday talking to them about the importance of the drug and secondly letting me know if there is an hiccup getting it. Supposedly the drug is coming in from the pharmacy’s warehouse today. I have a vision of some underpaid dude listening to an ipod loading the delivery truck. Makes me nervous.

  4. AZ

    OCD Alert! Bakingnotwriting’s books in the background of the photo are perfect! I staged a woman’s house when she put it on the market, she refused to pack up her books and insisted they stay while the house was shown. I would arrange the books exactly as shown in the above photo and she would shove them back so that all the bound edges were wonky. Drove me CrAzY! The dogs are cute as always! As for the drugs, you could probably get faster service if you stood in a dark alley somewhere in Oakland, and shifted around nervously, drug dealers are in the market to make money so they are usually on the ball, drug stores — no so much.

  5. AZ — You are going to laugh. Those are not books. That is wallpaper of fake books, stuck on a piece of plywood that someone was using for a set. I found it in the garage in a place I lived in West Hollywood. I love it so much. The books sound like cool titles I would actually have. Some of them are even titles of real books (The Pickwick Papers — they are classy fake books)! You can’t tell from the photo, but they repeat every couple of rows. I don’t have room for actual books in the tiny bedroom of my place up here, so I was glad I could at least hang my fake wall of books so I feel a book “vibe.” My mother hates that wallpaper on plywood. It’s huge — takes up the whole wall like an actual bookshelf. When I moved up here she kept begging me to throw it out. NEVER!!!!!

    • AZ

      Dang! Had me fooled! At least with fake wall of books there’s a lot less dusting. 🙂

      • Nada

        It’s amazing how real those fake books look in photographs and videos. If you see it in person, you’re thinking “no way.” That can’t look real, but then when you take a photo or a video it does. The magic of movies.

  6. The fake books do have many advantages! They take up no more room than a regular wall — and indeed no dusting. I have only ever seen fake books as wonderful as mine once before — in a photo of the New York tearoom Tea & Sympathy. Next time I am in NYC, I plan to visit it to see if it is actually similar wall paper.

    • Nada

      You have the best fake books I have ever seen. Seriously. They are incredible. I love the aspect they can be photographed and look real.

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