Dearest Woody

Woody died today. He had myasthenia gravis. I am absolutely heartbroken, but no more so than the humans he lived with full time. He was a very special little animal with an enormous happy spirit. I feel privileged he spent time with us, but I’m pretty sure he’s in a better place. His poor little body was too broken to continue. I love you Woody. I miss you. I’m so glad your life was so happy here at the end with your folks. I was proud to know you.

I’m shutting the blog down for a while. I feel miserable, have a cold/flu, and just need to miss Little Woody a while. Kind of like silent prayer but without the prayer. Just some time to think about my little god son, Woody.

Back after a bit.



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12 responses to “Dearest Woody

  1. *sniff* Looks like a sweet little guy.

  2. worldphotos

    Take care.

  3. AZ

    Sad for you and Woody’s mom, feel better soon.

  4. Poor little guy!!!! I’m so so sorry. Your other godson, meanwhile, has a brand new (even better, I hope) muzzle. This one is called an Italian basket muzzle and it allows him to sniff more and hopefully should keep him from having that allergic reaction he had to the other muzzle. All Italian fashion things are better, so I keep telling him how chic it looks. We got the tip from the mom of a pitbull who dislikes other dogs and rushed to buy one this morning.

  5. Connie

    I hope you are feeling better physically and emotionally!

    • Nada

      Thanks Connie. About the time I get to feeling some better I start crying about little Woody again and stop myself all up all over again.

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