If I wasn’t always trying to watch French cinema, I don’t think I would find this so hilarious. Or maybe I would. It’s just that funny.



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18 responses to “Henri

  1. Pant neice

    Love it!!!

  2. This is hilarious! So French. So cat. Perfect.

  3. worldphotos

    That was super. Frenchy the Cat.

  4. Awesome! As bnw says, so French, so cat.

  5. AZ

    Pourquoi tout ce bruit si romantique en français et en anglais à ce point banale?

    • Nada

      I laughed my butt off when I first saw this and then when I ran it through a translator I laughed some more. here’s what the translator thought you said
      Why all this noise if romantic in French and in English at this point banal?


      • AZ

        Strange huh, I have a new FB friend who has lots of comments in Pilipino, and when I translate them they don’t make any sense at all. Same with Spanish comments I sorta understand the Spanish, but when hit “translate” it all turns to gobbledygook.

      • Nada

        I think those auto translators aren’t all that good.

        So, do you speak French, AZ?

  6. AZ

    Heck no, I can barely muster English!

    • Nada

      HA! for some reason, I was think you spoke Spanish and Japanese. I figured you picked up French on the side. Seems like people who are multi-lingual can pick up languages easily. I cannot. I can barely get the verb subject agreement correct. I was in one writing class where the teacher went ballistic when I messed that up. I guess she thought it was a sign of ignorance. Suppose so. BUt still. I never really figured out why that was her hot button. I even signed up for a grammar class she taught.

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