Pier 39 Sea Lions

Pant Niece took this photo while she was visiting me. I stole it because I love those lounging sea lions. I love watching them. It’s weird how they chose one dock to lie on and practically sink.

I was poking around the internet and found a Pier 39 sea lion cam. I was able to control it initially, but after I let it time out, there was no controlling it. Still, it was fun, seeing them, while I was actually at home. I do miss their bark though, which is very distinctive.

In a completely unrelated manner, the Big Guy has been cooking beanie weenies all day. And the part I don’t understand is why he is cooking them at all. Both parts of the beanie weenie meal, that would be the beans and the mini hot dogs, were cooked before he started. The whole house smells like a frankfurter, which in my opinion smells like we need some odor eater foot deodorizer in here to stop whatever is causing the smell.

I have the doors open. It is not helping. Plus he made some sort of “taco” mix which smells like B.O.

As soon as I finish this post, I am lighting a few candles and going for a walk on the beach.



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13 responses to “Pier 39 Sea Lions

  1. Pant neice

    Aren’t the seals great?

  2. Beans and franks smell worse cooking than fish — or at least as bad. That B.O. smelling taco spice is probably cumin which shares the same molecule as human sweat! I love those ridiculous sea lions too.

  3. AZ

    I gotta go sniff my bottle of Cumin, be right back…

  4. AZ

    Jeebus! I just snorted Cumin! Cough, hack! Doesn’t smell like B.O. to me, but I’m Mexican and Comino aka Cumin is the favorite spice to add to green chili so I may be prejudiced. Can you still buy Beanie Weenies in a can? I used to like the canned stuff when I was a kid, but I’ll admit I’ve never heard of anyone cooking them. I like Bennie Weenies cold myself. Sea lions must be like cats, if you put something down every cat in the house wants to sit on that one item, you can put down three clean towels and everybody will want the same one.

    • Nada

      I don’t know if you can still buy Beanie Weenies in a can but I used to like them that way too. Now – can’t stand ’em.

      I laughed about the sea lion comment. I think you are right. There was a big to do when the sea lions originally took over those docks because people actually had boats there. The sea lions won out – of course. they are crafty like that. One of the funniest things I ever saw was when I was walking along one of those docks somewhere around there and a seal was pilfering food off a sailboat. Soon as he saw me he ran for the edge of the boat and dove in. I can only imagine what the boat owner thought when he got back. Seals are the raccoons of the sea.

  5. worldphotos

    We still get beanie weenies in little cans in the commissary. I eat them cold and they are great. Love the photo.

    • Nada

      I’m going to the grocery here and check and see if they are still around. Just curious. I don’t think I could stomach them now. Too much Beanie Weenie smell around this house still. I’m burning candles like it’s a shrine – a Beanie Weenie shrine.

  6. worldphotos

    A beanie weenie shrine, that’s good.

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