Serious Flotsam

This washed up on shore at the same time the Big Guy and I were staring at whale spout in the ocean yesterday. This is some serious ass flotsam. It rolled up in the surf like a hollow metal beach ball. I picked it and dropped it. Picked it up and dropped it, and then did it again. I was torn between throwing it out, and bringing it home. Finally, I decided it was Japanese flotsam and undoubtedly radioactive.

Just about that time, the Big Guy said “Look,” and pointed to the top of the flotsam ball. Little mollusks on top of the metal ball were waving their little mollusks arms as hard as they could.

All I could think of was, “What now?” I couldn’t put it back in the sea. It would simply wash back up on the beach. I couldn’t throw it out. I would kill a whole colony of folks – okay – mollusks folks.

Just then one of the bird people, a plover counter to be exact, walked up with his clipboard and said, “What’s this?”

“Flotsam,” I said, “probably from Japan.”

“Oh, I’ve seen these,” he said. “They’re fishing buoys. But they’re usually glass.”

Glass? Huh?

So I explained the dilemma of all the tiny mollusk folks. I felt like Horton hears a who, other than the bird counter was very patient and listened.

“Exactly,” he said. “These type floats generally carry a whole ecosystem with them.”


Save the fishing float. Save the world.

So we decided to move it over to the tide pools in the rocks and give the mollusks a chance to relocate. I hope they did. In the night. Moved off the old real estate onto some rocks.



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4 responses to “Serious Flotsam

  1. Now I feel bad for the mollusks! What is wrong with me? I’m very impressed you saw a whale. Isn’t it very late for the whales? I want to see a whale!

    • Nada

      I don’t know if it’s late or not for the whales. I didn’t know there was a whale season. I guess I could research it on the internet, but too lazy.

  2. worldphotos

    You may have saved the world.

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