The Skinning of the Dog’s Tail

I’m taking full responsibility for the horror that happened yesterday. I was negligent, and the little dog paid for it. The little dog has been unusually active the last week since we removed pasta from her diet and added quinoa. Gluten be gone. I’m not used to her being up and about. She is usually snoozing when I’m doing chores around the house. I know. Sounds like I’m defending myself so I’m just going to shut up.

Anyway, I had the front and back doors open because I was taking out the garbage and doing laundry. The garbage cans are out back, and the washing machine is in the garage. As I came out of the garage, the wind caught the heavy front door and tried to slam it shut, only the little dog was standing in the way. From there, everything went into slo mo. I tried to grab the door, but it was too late. The cross breeze from both doors being open was too strong. The door slammed, pushed the little dog mostly out onto the porch but caught her tail. It was a horrible scene. She was in the air screaming. When I pushed the door open, it was caught on her tail, which was skinned and bent at a funny angle.

I don’t know what is the matter with me and broken bones. Like when Nikki, snapped my finger into a right angle, I just have some sort of Tourettes bone reset disorder. Yes, I leaned down and straightened the dog’s tail. More screaming. More crying. Hers and mine. MESSED UP!!!!

I grabbed her in a blanket, and ran to the vets which is a mile away, but a straight shot down the boulevard. I remember at one point, some woman being at an intersection sitting in the crosswalk with her SUV. She saw me running down the sidewalk, freaked out, with the dog in a blanket, but she still wanted to speed out in front of me. I did my farm yell at her, and held up my hand for her to stop. I must have looked insane. She mouthed the word, “Sorry.”

But honestly, no one is sorrier than me. The Little Dog will be 19 in June. She is having surgery on Friday to remove the cyst on her ass that is constantly bleeding now. Then yesterday, this mess. Her vet bandaged her tail to keep her from chewing on the skinned place. She will look it over carefully on Friday when she is out for the surgery, and possibly x-ray. Ugh.

And if this were not all bad enough, I found the patch of skin scraped off in one piece by the front door lying on the oriental rug. It was as if the scalped part screamed at me, “WTF?” WTF, indeed. More ugh.



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6 responses to “The Skinning of the Dog’s Tail

  1. Liette

    Oh geez, I am sorry! Let me know how she is doing after surgery. 😦 give her a big hug from me. Her always caring foster mom.

  2. worldphotos

    Don’t blame yourself. Things happen and we can’t control it. I know you will still blame yourself. Sorry about the accident.

    • Nada

      Thanks so much, but yes, I do blame myself. You can bet the door stops will be on those doors every time they are open now.

  3. AZ

    I say thank your lucky stars it was only Little Dog’s tail that got smooshed by the door, I’ve heard of a kitten that died when the owner’s child closed a door on the kitten’s neck, and my friend’s brother-in-law took a step back and stepped on their tiny Pomeranian puppy and killed it. So as painful as the tail pinch was it could have been so much worse. Now go make nice on Little Dog until she forgives you — you are so lucky Little Dog isn’t an elephant, because elephants never forget. 🙂

    • Nada

      You are right! It could have been worse. I don’t think I will ever get that image out of my mind though when the door closed on her tail and she was literally in the air, screaming. She has been insecure this morning, like she is asking, “Are you doing that again?” The little dog does have the memory of an elephant for anyone or anything that offends her. She is so funny. Little Dog rules.

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