Bus Wrecks

Bus wreck medley

Scary. Yeah. Other than seems like the buses sustain little damage in all of these wrecks. Is that a good thing? Suppose so, since I’m relegated to public transportation. Then again, I’ve been on a bus where the driver fell asleep, not once, but twice, and missed her route exit, not once, but twice. I been on the bus sitting in the back when the driver didn’t quite clear a toll both on the bay bridge and the back end of the bus bitch slapped the booth. Everyone looked at me like I did it, even the bus driver.

And then, there’s all the arguments. I’ve been told I couldn’t sit in the last available seat. I’ve been hit with a water bottle. I’ve been called “white bread” by one of the drivers. I got off the back door of one bus while the driver threw a broom out of the front door. And yesterday, I had to listen to 2 people screaming at each other like this:

Woman: I am 35 years old, and you are NOT going to tell me what to do.
Man: I don’t give a F–K how old you are, I’m going to say what I want to say.

That went on for a good 20 minutes with mindless dribble like that in a decibel range loud enough to cause hearing damage.



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2 responses to “Bus Wrecks

  1. AZ

    There was a video of a Phoenix bus driver that ran into a line of vehicles on the freeway because he was either texting or talking on a cell phone; I guess he forgot there was a camera on him all the time he was driving. He lost his job, but something tells me he probably got another one in some other state, and I’m betting he’s still texting while driving.

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