The Tale of the Tail

Yesterday Little Dog’s vet arranged for a laser treatment on her damaged tail. What a difference. I know it looks red in the photo, but nothing compared to what it was. And, she lets me cover it with her blanket now. Before the laser treatment, the blanket could not touch it. She has quit fussing with damaged tail, and trying to curl herself up to lick what used to look like a live wire.

Little Dog parties on! As always. Next month will be her 19th birthday, according to my adoption records. She is going to out live all of us with her usual amount of grace, which includes chewing her feet like there’s something tasty between her toes, and sighing loudly when she thinks I am a bore – which is most of the time.



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10 responses to “The Tale of the Tail

  1. OK! So you were right…It DOES look alarming. Very alarming. But the most important thing is that the Little Dog is old enough to vote and enlist, and almost old enough to drink in a bar! She is going strong. The lovely girl.

  2. AZ

    Did the door do all that damage or did the vet have to shave it to treat her tail? Man! I bet that hurt, I’m surprised she didn’t bite you — I would have. 😉 Having said that, I once set my cat’s tail on fire; I left my cigarette in the ashtray on my nightstand and he sat down on it, he screamed and there was a lot of smoke, but most of the damage was burnt fur.

    • Nada

      You are one smart cookie about animals. So smart it scares me. I am actually showing you the side the vet shaved. The other side, the side the door slammed on, is still too gruesome to show on the internet.

      Poor thing couldn’t bite me because she couldn’t reach me. The front door closed with the breeze and I was walking out of the garage from doing laundry. I saw it happening but I couldn’t get to the front door in time to stop it. Still, my bad. I know better than to leave the doors open without securing them. She was very P.O.ed when I was jogging to the vet with her wrapped in a binky…but still no biting, probably because when she was in surgery, they cleaned her teeth and found a dead one in front. Poor dear. I feel like the bad mom.

      • AZ

        I used to get compliments from my vet because my cats (all three of them) were so well behaved, they would sit and stay on the examination table when told to, and they never growled or bit when they were being probed. I didn’t realize that some cats go ballistic at the vets office until one of my co-workers came in with bites all over her hand where she tried to restrain her cat while the vet gave him a shot. I guess there are short fused cats just like there are short fused people.

      • Nada

        I think it was more you had a special way with your animals. You communicated with them and they were respectful because they loved you.

  3. Pant neice

    Love the little dog!!

    • Nada

      I would say she loves you too but you know how stoic she is. I *think* she loves you. I *think* she loves me?

  4. WTF indeed! They are not taking Chihuahuas? Did she tell them she is a Dachshund?

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