Oakland, the Best Parts

The three things I miss the most about Oakland
1) ALL my friends and neighbors. And as more time goes by, rather than missing them less, I miss them more. I am internet hugging everyone of you. Do you feel it? Probably not. I’m hugging anyway. I will see you all at the festivities in my old hood on Dimond Night Out.
2) The food. Oakland has some damn fine places to eat and shop for food – not the ordinary fare. I heart you Trueburger and Farmer Joe’s.
3) The Art. Wonderful murals everywhere. Offbeat and fun. And here, artists are painting utility boxes. What a great idea – turning the drab box into a magical landscape.



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6 responses to “Oakland, the Best Parts

  1. Then entire of Oakland has turned into a canvas. Always something to catch the eye. Come back little Sheba.

    • Nada

      LOL! I need to come back, but now I’m addicted to walking on the beach here. That’s the problem with moving around.

  2. AZ

    I loved the painted utility boxes, I hope the taggers don’t spray paint over the artists’ work.

    • Nada

      According to the blogger who posted this, the taggers have already gotten some of them. Sad. I wish they would at least have respect for the art, but they don’t.

  3. Weezer

    I miss the weather …….teehee…… The sounds of the freeway …..the ferry rides to San Fran….being attached by dogs….gunfire…..going to court where the judge says he will poke my eyeballs out if we talk….the roach coach…any many other fine things about Oakland

    • Nada

      LOL!!! Remember that night I told you it was firecrackers, and then, we found out there had been a shooting at the park down the street. Ahhh, Oakland.

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