The Fortune Cookie

I cracked open my fortune cookie the other night at dinner, and the fortune read, “Learn Chinese Bean Sprout.”

Bean Sprout? My new name?

Who writes this things? Who knows?

The fortune cookie factory in San Francisco is in China Town down an alley. I can’t really find a lot of info about it on the internet. One visitor website says that the people in the factory charge 50¢ for photos. That was not my experience. They charged for everyone who stepped through their doorway. I don’t remember the charge now. I just remember thinking that none of the websites warned us about an entrance fee.

Also, another site I found said three very friendly women ran the factory. Not my experience either. In fact, I wondered if we had stepped inside the wrong place, or we came at a bad time, or the Big Guy somehow scared the factory workers with his gigantic stature. Hard to say. It was interesting to see the fortune cookies being folded by hand. We didn’t stay long. All we did was step inside, a woman demanded money, we had a quick look see, and left. Interesting, but not sure I would ever do it again because the place gave me the creeps.



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4 responses to “The Fortune Cookie

  1. AZ

    From Wikipedia: “Rumors that fortune cookies were invented in China are seen as false. In 1989, fortune cookies were reportedly imported into Hong Kong and sold as ‘genuine American fortune cookies.’ Wonton Food attempted to expand its fortune cookie business into China in 1992, but gave up after fortune cookies were considered ‘too American.’”

  2. Nada

    Did not know that, Bean Sprout. Interesting.

  3. AZ

    I will be Pinto Bean Sprout. You can be Butter Bean Sprout. LOL!

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