Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

I found this action figure in China Town – Crazy Cat Lady. Weird. I thought action figures where fictitious superhuman folks like Superman or Spiderman, not Crazy Cat Ladies. The other weird thing about this action figure is the price – $9.95. Everything, I mean everything, is cheap in China Town, so asking $9.95 for a Crazy Cat Lady is like asking $200 in non-China Town money. Also, almost every store is carrying Crazy Cat Lady. I can’t even begin to imagine the supplier who convinced all the stores that CCL was going to be a hot seller. She’s not. She and all her identical sisters are sitting on the racks, staring at the tourists.

Love China Town. Love it. There is always something different, odd, amusing, tasty, funny, weird….



Filed under general weirdness, San Francisco

3 responses to “Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

  1. Trust ME to like crazy cat lady! I mean you get all kinds of cats with it! Teeny tiny plastic cats! Who wouldn’t love that thing? Although $9.95 is spendy — and not just by Chinatown standards.

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