Inside Devil’s Slide Tunnel

Anyone living in the Pacifical/Half Moon Bay/Pedro Point area is waaaay curious about the Devil’s Slide tunnel. I think the curiosity stems from the fact the tunnel has been taking so long to complete. We see it every time we drive from here to Half Moon Bay. It taunts us with “Here I am. Sitting here. Waiting.”

I say “waiting” because honestly, the most workers I have ever seen around the bore is one. Yup. One person. One tiny mole digging away at a giant tunnel. At that rate it will be 10 more year before it is completed.

Enough of the lament. For all you curious folks, one brave soul biked through the tunnel. I think the footage is excellent, considering the camera is mounted on his bike. Also, I was impressed with the beauty of the tunnel. I expected something dark and utilitarian. And then, I love the light at the end of the tunnel. I saw the light, and I wasn’t dead yet.



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4 responses to “Inside Devil’s Slide Tunnel

  1. AZ

    I’m guessing tile inside of tunnels is the rage right now when I was growing up all tunnel interiors were plain grey concrete, now most of them are lined in white tile because tile reflects more light. That and every year of so they use tax payer dollars to send a crew of tile cleaners to scrub all the tiles because all the exhaust from the cars turn the beautiful white tiles all dull grey and streaky; wait a second, when the tiles are dirty they look just like concrete, the concrete they used to use back in the 40s and 50s to line tunnel walls; the walls they never cleaned because you really can’t clean concrete! Man-oh-man another huge step backward for the department of transportation.

    • Nada

      I had no idea why they had white tile but I’m sure you’re right. One disturbing thing about the tunnel is that it looks like there is no shoulder. Wonder how they are going to ever clean those tiles.

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