Dirty Harry is getting a reality show. Or I guess it’s more correct to say Dirty Harry’s wife is getting a reality show. That’s even worse – Dirty Harry has a wife? And she’s in charge of a reality show. Oh. No. And she has some boy band she’s promoting on the Dirty Harry’s wife’s reality show. Make my day, Dirty Harry. Gun them all down. It’s only TV, isn’t it? You can gun them down, and they can star in something else. This is a mess.



Filed under general weirdness, idiot box

2 responses to “Noooooooooo

  1. AZ

    I don’t understand the plethora of reality shows on TV, the can’t make myself watch 98% of them especially that Bachelorette thing, and the one with Snooky on it, there are exceptions, of course, like Survivor and Amazing Race; I’ll watch those two because back-stabbing emotional wrecks are right up my alley. 🙂

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