Real Estate in San Francisco

$99,000 for a burned up house. AND listed in the MLS. They should have put “slightly used.”



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4 responses to “Real Estate in San Francisco

  1. AZ

    I did a walkby via Google Maps, it didn’t look any better before it burned.

  2. Nada

    I tried to look at it on google maps, like you did and it put me in some alley with a bunch of garbage. What I don’t get is how they think they can get $99,000 for this, and in Bayview too.

    Did your google search dump you in an alley?

    • AZ

      Yep, but I walked out of the alley and made to left turns and that got me to the street in front of the derelict house. I thought someone would buy it and tear it down, but it has units on either side of it, so I guess it’s going to have to be rebuilt.

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