8 Days and Counting

Little Dog has been having a rough go lately with seizures. How ironic is that? I’m epileptic and now, she is. I guess she was genetically predisposed to the disease, inheriting it from me – my little four legged kid-o.

Here, The Imp is at the vets recovering with a bowl of dog food! DOG FOOD! Who would have guessed? We spend hours each week grilling chicken patties, boiling chicken breasts, boiling quinoa, slicing sandwich meat into tiny bits in an effort to bait the little girl into a few bites. What she wanted was some canned dog food. HA!

Only 8 more days until she turns 19, and in human years that is 92. She is the grand dame, and will be the grand old lady the first of June. Go Dinky! Go Dinky!

To borrow a line from AZ, “Little Dogs Rule!”



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13 responses to “8 Days and Counting

  1. Happy Birthday Dinky!!!! Woo hooo! The Poodle celebrates his birthday June 21st — the day he found me. They can celebrate together this weekend with some chicken — or dog food if she prefers it!

    • Nada

      Maybe we will have the dog birthday party while you out of town. We’ll show you with dog food formed into cakes!! HA!!! Aren’t you sorry you’ll miss that – a dog food cake?

  2. Pant Niece

    Love ya Dinky!! Happy happy Birthday!!

  3. Best wishes for the little dog.

  4. Thanks. We spent a week in Vegas. It was super, but hot.

  5. No shows, no big wins. Relaxed and ate some meals we can’t get in Germany, but didn’t over eat (grin).

    • Nada

      I love the food in Vegas. The only better than that is the people watching. Some of the shows are pretty good too. Oh, and some of the spas. Okay, the whole place is amusing – but only in very short spurts.

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