I don’t know…

I don’t know when the Little Dog got old. I don’t remember when she stopped playing with toys and running through the house. When I think about her activities that her advancing age took away, it seemed like the loss was gradual, but the longer I think about it, the more I’m convinced that one day she walked 2 miles and the next she couldn’t climb the 2 steps into the back door. It didn’t happen like that, I’m sure but the time with dogs runs together in my mind. All the years, all the walks, all the squeaked toys, and all the crap she gobbled up off the sidewalk is a big blob pressing on my memory until I want to run away, down the street, faster and faster. I want to run like she used to in the green meadow at the dog park, a funny sideway trot with a broad smile. That’s when she was the happiest – with the Big Dog, running.

My God. I think my heart is breaking in two.

It was bad enough to lose the Big Dog, but now the Little One is gone too. God is an evil bitch for separating us, and I hope the Little Dog bites the shite out of God for this.



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8 responses to “I don’t know…

  1. Very sad. Now I’m crying. They were both such lovely girls. It was less than five years ago that they first met their “foster” brother at Point Isabel — all three of them trotting along and enjoying the day.

  2. Memory is strange. I don’t remember when I first felt shaky climbing up on a ladder, but I do. When we see someone every day, we don’t notice the changes, but let five years go by and Wow, they sure are aging. That’s the way it is.


    • Nada

      My logical mind tells me that’s the way it is, but the illogical part of me feels totally cheated that Dinky is gone. I can deal with the physical mishaps that happen to me, but take my joy away and I get really pissed off. Hurt and mad.

  3. Donna

    Noooo! That’s really sad to hear. I’ve enjoyed the tales of Dinky… After all it was the sore on her bum that brought me here in the first place.

    I hope that if there is a doggie Heaven then Dinky is there running about and having a whale of a time.

    My hound Daisy, no longer has a sore bum, she’s just randomly hoppity on her back left leg on account of getting old and fat and being a bit round. Oh and not being very good at staying upright on little bridges. Darn dog. ;0)

    Donna x

    • Nada

      I agree with you Donna on the NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s hard to realize Dinky Dog has gone to dog heaven. I think she will edge out St. Peter in weeding out people who come through the pearly gates. Dinky was very discriminating.

      Daisy needs to be more careful, the dear dog. And tell her there’s nothing with being old and round (voice of experience).

  4. I never want to get old!

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