Dinky, the Memorial



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8 responses to “Dinky, the Memorial

  1. That was nice and the music also.

  2. Pant Niece

    My thoughts are with you.

  3. AZ

    I told Significant Other and my sister read about Little Dog’s passing, they are sad too. I don’t know what God was thinking when he made man’s best friend’s life so much shorter, if I get to heaven that’s gonna be my first question, right after all my fur and feather buddies attack me and cover me with kisses because if animals don’t go to heaven I want to go where they go.

    • Nada

      Thanks for such a sweet note, AZ, and thanks for telling your family that our girl is gone. I agree with you. If my fur buddies aren’t in heaven, I don’t want to go. That’s assuming I was getting in there anyway.

      • Donna

        I loved the Memorial to Dinky.

        For what it’s worth it made a grown woman cry buckets.

        I hope that the memories of all the good times help you through these sad times.

        I send Hugz and Daisy sends Woofs and Licks.

        Donna x

      • Nada

        Thank you Donna. So sad and lonely around here. I play the memorial a lot but it’s hard to watch. Give Daisy a big ole hug and a pat from me. She’s a good friend.

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