Bart Fire

Best Picture is below. Credit to dee_dee_jay_hector.

I think most up-to-date reporting is at SFIST here. SFIST is a cool site for all things San Francisco. Plus they are good about reporting updates, though I think the BART problem should be on their home page, instead of spreads about a DIY bike project and the SFMTA logo. Umm, no one cares. BART burned in the night.

I was on BART yesterday and took about 5 pics of MRSA infected flooring right below some newly recovered seats. WTF???? But now is not the time to rag on BART, not while they are in crisis mode. I think I kind of did anyway, but will post pictures in a few days, with more ragging. And no, I did not get to my destination yesterday. I had a meltdown at the Powell Street station, got off my train and got on a trail back home. Dinky is dead. The world needs to stop turning. Lord knows, I’m unable to function. My boss is dead. No one is ordering me about any more. I can do what I want, and yet, what I want is to be ordered around by an 11 pound dog. Dinky dog. One ear up and one ear down. Life is not the same here.



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6 responses to “Bart Fire

  1. Bart is having some bad luck or something’

    My thoughts for what it’s worth. Over the years I’ve known folks who have lost a companion. Some vowed not to find another one. Perhaps not wanting to go through the process of another loss in the future. Most did find another companion and seemed to take the loss with less pain. I’m sure you and the big guy have talked about. Think about it.


    • Nada

      We are trying to find a new furry friend, but it’s too much right now. Both little ones we saw were very cute and really needed a home but somehow they just made me sadder and made miss Dinky more. We borrowed 2 dogs from our dear vet yesterday and took them to the beach. They were both very funny, and we all enjoyed ourselves. For now, that’s all we can manage.

  2. I forgot to mention. Perhaps they should call it FART instead of BART. Fire Area Rapid Transit.

    • Nada

      HA!! Hilarious. I laughed really hard. I give cudos to FART. they got the system up and running again very quickly.

  3. AZ

    I almost fell out of my chair with Steve’s FART comment :), as you being bossless that is a quandary perhaps a foster fur buddy, a little pushy demanding one, would fit the bill.

    • Nada

      I need something. Today the Big Guy and I cleaned the windows in the house – scrubbed off the last of her nose prints off the glass door.

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